People Are Not Pinatas.

People are NOT pinatas!

I love pinatas! They are a ton of fun and, for the 6 years we lived in San Diego, they were a birthday party staple! Kids, and plenty of adults, would have a blast smacking various effigies. Children would wait excitedly for candy and prizes to fall when the paper finally gave way to all the abuse. Pinatas are great! But people make horrible pinatas. Just terrible.

I have seen too many people verbally, emotionally, psychological, spiritually, existentially, and even physically beat themselves up in order to get “good stuff”. Some people even allow others to harm them in various ways and then promise to “do better”. It’s not healthy, productive, or beneficial. This isn’t about the discomfort or pain that so often accompanies growth or self-denial. That hurts, but it doesn’t harm (I’ve written about that here).

So, I’m asking, please, can we stop beating ourselves up, allowing ourselves to be broken, and then continue to think we’ll give good things? Please?