We’re here to awaken from the illusion of separateness.

~Ram Dass


About Bailey

 Through struggle we unlock powerful knowing. Knowing what it means to be alive. Knowing why we are here. Knowing what to do– or not do– next. I honor the space your struggles take up inside and around you. I am here to join you.

 After my degree in creative writing, I taught in both language arts and gifted education for a decade. Teaching and learning are my calling, and I enjoy engaging individuals, families, small groups, and large groups alike on myriad goals and objectives. My love of collaborative learning in relational systems has led me to Friends University now, heading into the second year of my Master’s of Science degree in Family Therapy.

 As a student therapist at Friends University and intern, I approach my internship experience with gratitude, awe, humility, and focus while I begin my practice in the art of relationships. I believe the foundation for a working relationship must be one of warmth, non-judgment, and genuine expression. No matter the age or stage, I am ready to meet you, ready to explore what needs exploration– whether anxiety, depression, adolescence and aging, parenting support, spirituality, gender and sexuality, adjustment to crisis, or anything else. I am here with you.

I am completing my student internship under the license of a Friends University Program Supervisor and under the site mentorship of Nathan D. Croy, LCMFT (KS #2791), LCAC (KS #00760) and LMFT (MO #2021036987)

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