“Those who have a ‘why’ to live, can bear with almost any ‘how’.”

~Viktor Frankl


About Emelia

 As an intern at Existential Family Therapy, I’m dedicated to helping clients authentically experience their unique journey in life. This journey is often fraught with challenges, obstacles, grief, surprises, and shifts in beliefs, supports, and self-identity. Boldness and vulnerability are necessary to experience one’s authentic meaning in life and to find a counterbalance to feelings of apathy, anger, isolation, and meaninglessness. I use a person-centered and psychodynamic approach to form a safe and nonjudgmental space for honest investigation.

 All genders, sexuality, religious, spiritual orientations and cultures are welcome. I am passionate about creative expression, bibliotherapy, and dreamwork as a route to interpret and tap into the deepest regions of the unconscious where our desires are often stored and ignored.

 As for my own journey, I’ve spent numerous years in social services supporting and advocating homeless youth, homeless veterans, severe and persistent mental illness, substance use, and domestic violence survivors. As a creative writer and multimedia artist, I received my Master of Fine Arts in poetry from the University of Arizona and am receiving my graduate studies in mental health counseling from UMKC. 

 I am completing my student internship under the supervision of Nathan D. Croy, LCMFT (KS #2791), LCAC (KS #00760) and LMFT (MO #2021036987)

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