Our Philosophy

Sometimes in life, we feel stuck; we don't know where to go; or we just feel confused. Therapy is a great place to start when tackling big - or little - life questions! A good working relationship between a client and their therapist is extremely important. Due to this, rapport building is one of the key elements in beginning the therapeutic relationship.

When bad things happen, people often ask, "Why? Why did it happen to me? Why now? Why here?" The goal of existential therapy is to help answer the whys of life and find the meaning in those experiences. Individuals and families can create real, authentic, and genuine lives by developing a meaningful and personal understanding of existence. Our passion is working within family dynamics to promote change, navigate daily struggles of life, find meaning in crisis, support victims of trauma, and relieve depression and anxiety symptoms.

No matter where you are on your life journey, there is an affirming therapist at Existential Family Therapy who can help you, your family, or your marriage take the next step in life. We believe living a successful life happens when we are able to be genuine & authentic with ourselves & others.

Our therapists are experienced in a wide variety of therapeutic modalities and populations. From young to old, individuals to couples, addiction to adoption, we have an expert therapist available. Call now to be matched with the perfect therapist for your situation.