Sometimes in life, we feel stuck, we don't know where to go or we just feel confused. Therapy is a great place to start when tackling big, or little, life questions! A good working relationship between a client and their therapist is extremely important. Due to this, rapport building is one of the key elements in beginning the therapeutic relationship. This is why we offer a free, 30 minute consultation by phone, prior to the initial session.

When bad things happen, people often ask "why". Why did it happen to them? Why now? Why here? The goal of existential therapy is to help answer the why's of life and find the meaning in those experiences. Individuals and families can create real, authentic, and genuine lives by developing a meaningful and personal understanding of existence. Our passion is working within family dynamics to promote change, navigate daily struggles of life, find meaning in crisis, support victims of trauma, and relieve depression and anxiety symptoms.


We have extensive experience working with men, women, families, teenagers, and children impacted by trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, abuse, and hopelessness. We will work with you, your family, and your support network, to facilitate real, personal, growth and healing.



What sets us apart from other providers is our existential approach. This focus helps us connect people to their place in their own lives. We can help you discover the meaning that was always there.


Our therapists also work with individual to help them better understand who they are, and what that means for their life, happiness, and personal journey.


“My family was in crisis when I contacted Existential Family Therapy. However, not everyone in the family embraced the idea of therapy (there are three teenagers in the family). Within the first half hour, everyone was participating constructively. By the end of the first session, we had been given a few tools to help get us moving in a productive direction. It did not take many sessions for us to get back on track. The services we received from ExFT were exactly what my family needed to rebuild trusting, loving relationships.”



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UPDATE: Prior to returning for in-person sessions, all clients will be required to complete a waiver found here: WAIVER

Existential Family Therapy offers online therapy that is secure, easy to use, and compliant with your insurance! For more information, contact your therapist or read more here: COVID-19

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