Why we do what we do matters. When we lose our why, we lose our way. We inevitably get lost when we don’t know why we are doing what we are doing.

~Michael White


About Timothy

Growing up in a blended family impacted my perspective of how families operate and overcome obstacles. It has influenced me to be open minded about family structure, while experience has taught me how to overcome the many obstacles one may face. One struggle we all face is finding someone we feel safe and comfortable confiding in. Someone who listens attentively and responds empathetically. My intention is to be that someone for my clients.

I apply Narrative techniques to help clients draw out the source of their problems. I co-facilitate clients exploration of past experiences and perspectives to discover self assuring stories and inner strength. Currently I am taking clients to complete internship for my Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy under the supervision of Hannah Sedgwick.

The rate for interns is 40.00 per session and cannot be billed to insurance.

Timothy is completing his student internship under the license of a program supervisor and is supervised by Hannah Sedgwick, LCMFT (03052).


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